Small Business

New or Existing Benefit Plans


As a small business owner you live and breath your business.  Benefit plans can be complex.  Whether you're looking to start your first benefit program or you've had benefits for years, we can manage all aspects of your program so you can spend more time making your business succeed.


Starting a benefit plan

  1. Choose a benefits advisor (contact us).

  2. Discuss and customize a plan design according to your needs.

  3. We request proposals from multiple insurers (not just one or two).  Compare and negotiate the best position.

  4. Meet with you and present the results and recommendations.

  5. Assist with the implementation process and will communicate the new plan to employees with a live presentation.

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Have an existing benefit plan?

  1. Contact us to initiate your complimentary benefit analysis.  We will conduct a detailed analysis of your existing program from both a financial and plan design perspective recommending solutions that meet your short and long term objectives.

  2. We are very successful in improving your program and level of service with our industry expertise without necessarily changing your current benefit provider.

  3. If a benefits marketing is recommended we'll request proposals from all benefit providers.  We'll analyze and negotiate the proposals and present the customized detailed report complete with executive summary outlining the results and recommendations.

Day-to-Day Service & Support

Act as an extension of your organization on all benefit related matters providing prompt and efficient service.

Claims Management

Monitor your claims activity quarterly so you are aware how your program is performing throughout the year.

Dispute Resolution

On escalated / sensitive claim issues we become directly involved acting as a liaison between the employee, employer, and insurer.


Analyze and negotiate your renewal rates annually.  Based on our experience, expertise and relationships we negotiate the best possible position on your behalf.  A detailed report complete with executive summary is provided every year.


Based on your direction we can provide custom written communications as well live employee presentations, webinars and employee surveys.