Employment Insurance (EI) Weekly Max. Increase January 1, 2018


Effective January 1, 2018, the maximum weekly EI benefit amount will increase from $543 to $547.

What impact will this have on employee benefit contracts with weekly indemnity / short-term disability benefits?

1. The majority of benefit programs will not be affected by this change as their WI / STD benefit maximum is higher than the new weekly EI maximum of $547.  

2. If the WI / STD benefit amount in your contract is defined as the weekly EI maximum, the insurer automatically implements this change in their administration system and volume changes (where applicable) will be reflected on your billing statement. 

3. If the WI / STD benefit amount under the contract is less than $547, the WI benefit will no longer be eligible for the government's EI Premium Reduction Program.  In order for the plan to remain eligible for this program, group's must increase the weekly maximum to $547 or greater by requesting this change to their insurer. 

For more information on how this change impacts your program specifically please contact us: contact@bcibenefits.ca

Source: Desjardins Insurance InfoNote INFO17-38iE